Feed Safety Tablet
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Auditable Record-Keeping for driver agreements


Everything has a story to tell.  What will your contaminated feed say?

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
Benjamin Franklin


In the origination of this famous quote, Benjamin Franklin writes:

"In the first Place, as an Ounce of Prevention is worth a Pound of Cure, I would advise 'em to take care how they suffer living Coals in a full Shovel, to be carried out of one Room into another, or up or down Stairs, unless in a Warmingpan shut; for Scraps of Fire may fall into Chinks and make no Appearance until Midnight; when your Stairs being in Flames, you may be forced, (as I once was) to leap out of your Windows, and hazard your Necks to avoid being oven-roasted."



The FDA's intention is prevention.

If vehicle cross contamination occurs, will your feed be at a loss for words?  In other words, can you tangibly show that appropriate clean-out procedures were met on each driver load?  And with relevant load information tied back to the scale ticket?


A simple truth.

Asking drivers at the scale what their last load was is a good way to fully prevent cross contamination.  As necessary, you can ask drivers to present a wash certificate, or otherwise refuse the load.

Regardless of how you prevent vehicle cross contamination, is your current method auditable?  The Feed Safety Tablet captures each driver's signature at the scale, along with their relevant load information.  Your feed product gains a voice.  You gain a paper trail with auditable accountability.

The bar has been raised in regulatory efforts preventing food-born illness, which benefits us all.  Wouldn't you agree, it's better to keep a bad thing from happening than to try fixing it afterwards?

Advise 'em that prevention is your intention, with one or more Feed Safety Tablets.



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